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Playing and Learning at Home

It should always be fun to learn and this will support your child’s early education and development such as playing games, role play and jigsaw puzzles.  Communicating with your child will help to develop their vocabulary, knowledge and understanding as well as their communication skills with their peers.

Here are some ideas of how you can play and help your child to learn at home:


  • Encouraging your child to count from 1-5 then 1-10
  • Try counting cars or toys and pointing to each one as you count
  • Use resources such as play-dough


Sharing Books

  • Reading stories to your children
  • Look at the pictures and ask your child to describe what is happening in the picture


Letters & Sounds

  • Encouraging your child to listen to the initial sounds of words (phonics).  Have two or three items such as a pig, car and book. As you say the initial sound for each item ask your child to pick up the item.